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Total Network Solutions Football Club is aware of the pivotal role it plays in relation to the local community. The FAW encourages clubs to engage in a variety of activity aimed at strengthening the relationship between the club and the local community. Research suggests that clubs are continually involved in community activity although fail to advertise or promote this activity. There are advantages for the club in promoting this activity and formalising a strategy. This has been demonstrated in the business sector where community activity and its promotion is designed to meet both financial objectives and social objectives. Creating a strategy with measurable goals as well as a means to promote this activity will benefit not only the club but also the community.

Total Network Solutions Football Club aims to:

• Establish links with local youth clubs and assist these clubs with coaching, the use of facilities for football festivals etc.
• Set up clubs with local youths, not necessarily football clubs, to promote and develop the role of the club in the community and to set appropriate examples of behaviour.
• Set up clubs with the disabled and disadvantaged youth and adult groups and to use the facilities of the club and its personnel.
• Utilise the playing and coaching personnel to address various social and equity issues including drug awareness issues, healthy lifestyle etc
• Utilise the facilities of the club in conjunction with multi-media training
• Undertake any services within the local community to the benefit of the community and ultimately the club.