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Tuesday 24 Apr 2021
The New Saints 4
Carmarthen Town 1
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Saturday 30 Jun 2021
Dungannon Swifts
AWAY - Stangmore Park
Kick-off: 15:00
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Wednesday 09 May 2021
TNS Reserves 3
Carno 0
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John Toner 17
Alfie Carter 10
Michael Wilde 10
Nicky Ward 8

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Sep 16
Ian Furniss
Sep 23
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Sep 30
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Oct 7
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Oct 14
Andrew Turner
Fair Play is essential for the successful promotion and development of and involvement in sport. The objective of Fair Play is to foster a sporting spirit, as well as the sporting behaviour of coaches, players, team officials and spectators, thereby increasing the enjoyment of all those involved in the game.

Code of Conduct for Players
Players are the most important people in the sport. Playing for the team, and for the team to win, is the most fundamental part of the game. But not winning at any cost - Fair Play and respect for all others in the game is fundamentally important.
This Code focuses on players involved in top-class football. Nevertheless, the key concepts in the Code are valid for players at all levels.
2.1 Obligations towards the game
A player should:
2.1.1 Make every effort to develop their own sporting abilities, in terms of skill, technique, tactics and stamina.
2.1.2 Make every effort to lead a healthy lifestyle which will include an appropriate diet and an avoidance of recreational or performance enhancing drugs.
2.1.3 Give maximum effort and strive for the best possible performance during a game, even if his team is in a position where the desired result has already been achieved.
2.1.4 Set a positive example for others, particularly young players and supporters.
2.1.5 Avoid all forms of gamesmanship and time-wasting.
2.1.6 Always have regard for the best interests of the game, including where publicly expressing an opinion on the game and any particular aspect of it, including others involved in the game.
2.1.7 Not use inappropriate language.

2.2 Obligations towards one’s own team
A player should:
2.2.1 Make every effort consistent with Fair Play and the Laws of the Game to help his own team win.
2.2.2 Resist any influence that might, or might be seen to, bring into question his commitment to the team winning.

Respect for the Laws of the Game and competition rules
A player should:
2.3.1 Know and abide by the Laws, rules and spirit of the game, and the competition rules.
2.3.2 Accept success and failure, victory and defeat with an equal measure of dignity.
2.3.3 Resist any temptation to take banned substances or use banned techniques.

2.4 Respect towards Opponents
A player should:
2.4.1 Treat opponents with due respect at all times, irrespective of the result of the game.
2.4.2 Safeguard the physical fitness of opponents, avoid violence and rough play, and help injured opponents.

2.5 Respect towards the Match Officials
A player should:
2.5.1 Accept the decision of the Match Official without protest.
2.5.2 Avoid words or actions that may mislead a Match Official.
2.5.3 Show due respect towards Match Officials.

2.6 Respect towards Team Officials
A player should:
2.6.1 Abide by the instructions of their Coach and Team Officials, provided they do not contradict the spirit of this Code.
2.6.2 Show due respect towards the Team Officials of the opposition.

2.7 Obligations towards the Supporters
A player should:
2.7.1 Show due respect to the interests of supporters.

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Llanelli AFC 63
Welshpool Town 60
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Port Talbot Town 51
Carmarthen Town 50
Aberystwyth Town 48
Bangor City 48
Haverfordwest County 39
Porthmadog FC 35
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Caernarfon Town 26
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