Monday, October 26, 2009

The 2009 Africa Enduro Rally

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The bikes lined-up and ready to go.
Stunning scenery en-route.
An African-style lunch stop.
Mike donates a kit to Mgcawezulu school.

THE first day saw the riders attempt 208 km largely on dirt with river crossings, hill climbs and plenmty of crashes, finally arriving at the Myboyti River Lodge after dark in pouring rain.

The second day was relatively short with around 100km covered. The weather has brightened up for the riders of whom quite a few have already been forced to retire.

Day 3 saw the group visit a local children's shelter to donate the mattresses that some of them slept on last night. After that there was 135 km of mixed terrain to cover from tarmac to rutted stream crossings.
The lunch stop was African-style at a village store for bread and sardines.
One of the female members of the party suffers cracked ribs in a fall.

A long technical route of 170km from Hole in the Wall to the Kob Inn occupies Day 4, culminating in a 50 degree climb up a road made of old car tyres.

The morning of the rest day was spent on a TouchAfrica project at Mgcawezulu school, which was in a sorry state. Tasks included roofing, wiring, carpeting, painting inside and out, making desks, making a jungle gym and moving the crèche out of their current windowless classroom into the nearly decorated one with new desks and toys.
Mike Harris donates a full The New Saints FC football kit to the school.



If you would like to sponsor Mike, please contact Rebecca Jones at Voice Comms Warehouse, on 01691 663000.


The charities that will benefit from Mike's participation in the rally are: