Monday, April 26, 2010
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Fair play - supporters

Fair Play is essential for the successful promotion and development of and involvement in sport. The objective of Fair Play is to foster a sporting spirit, as well as the sporting behaviour of coaches, players, team officials and spectators, thereby increasing the enjoyment of all those involved in the game. Supporters

Once a club has addressed the conduct of its coaches, players, officials and parents and guardians of its young players it will be in a position to set an appropriate example to its supporters in terms of their behaviour.

The crowd is considered to be an organic component of a football game. The support of the fans may contribute to the success of the team. The crowd is not expected to watch the game in silence. Encouragement of the teams by shouting, non-abusive singing, etc. may have a positive influence on the atmosphere in accordance with the spirit of Fair Play.

The spectators are, however, expected to respect the opponents and the referee. They should appreciate the performance of the opposition even if they emerge as winners. They should in no way intimidate or frighten opponents, the referee or opposing supporters.