Monday, November 14, 2011
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Support the Saints!

Oswestry has a remarkable footballing history! True, it's journey has been long and sometimes rocky. Yet now, it has stability, a young and talented squad, and a desire to make Oswestry proud of it's footballing achievements.  After last year's success in Europe and domestic competitions, this year, they are right in the mix again for the Welsh Premier League title. Exciting times indeed.

Growing up in the North East, my team - as passed down from my Dad - was also formed as the result of a merger, after one of the teams fell into financial difficulties: Newcastle United.

Interestingly, Oswestry's historic club traditions easily outdate Newcastle's and whilst many similar clubs have disappeared, Oswestry have not only retained their football, but seen it go from strength to strength in recent years. A feat for which Oswestry should be rightly proud.

Right now, The New Saints of Oswestry Town need all the support they can muster for Oswestry's challenge for the title. I truly wish the players and staff well in their bid for glory!

John Waine
Director, The Best of Oswestry