Monday, July 13, 2009
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Cale rues lack of match sharpness

HEAD coach Andy Cale felt lack of match sharpness was once again a telling factor as The New Saints crashed out of Europe at the first hurdle for the 11th time.

"What people don't realise is how much difference being in season makes, we've dominated the game but we're still not match sharp," said Cale.
"They're in the middle of their season - fair play to them, they play on the counter attack but despite dominating the games home and away, we were not sharp enough on the night and it will always be a problem playing in Europe at this early stage."
Steve Evans was pressed into service as a striker, scoring for the second time in the ties, and Cale says it is an option he will probably use again.
"Playing Steve Evans up-front was a tactical move, they play on the counter attack and we thought we'd get some joy if we could get the ball wide and into the box, which we did all evening.
"He scored one, could have had another and it's just a nice option we can use next season which I'm sure we will try at some point again."
Cale also said he was happy with his current squad: "I've got two good wingers, a lot of pace, some good clever players in behind. If I found a striker I'd take one but I'm more than happy with what I've got for the season," he added. "But to win in Europe, we've got to be a bit better than we were tonight.
"We played fantastically well but they had two attacks and scored two - a soft penalty and a soft goal - so we've dominated the game, had most of the possession but we've been done on two counter attacks.
"Their goalkeeper was man of the match and it was just one of those nights unfortunately but, if we keep playing like that for the rest of the season I'll be absolutely delighted."
Photo: Steve Evans challenges with Fram's Kristjan Hauksson.

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