Monday, December 14, 2009
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Clubs vote for 44 fixtures next season

THE New Saints will play 44 Welsh Premier League fixtures if they qualify for the new "Super 12" next season.

Nine of the 16 clubs present at a meeting in Newtown on Thursday night voted in favour of the board's recommendation that clubs play each other twice each home and away in season 2010/11, when the competition is reduced to 12 clubs.
An alternative proposal to split the league into a relegation and championship conference after the clubs had played each other twice, making a total of 32 games, was thrown out.
"The clubs accepted that their was no ideal solution regarding the number of fixtures to be played," says league secretary John Deakin.
"However, the clubs have now been given the opportunity to express their views and the majority saw the 44 game format as the fairest, although not ideal option."
To reduce the amount of games played, the Loosemores League Cup will be played on a straight knockout basis next season, rather than in group stages.
Clubs also voted for an investigation into the feasibility of a reserve league for the Welsh Premier to provide them with an adequate standard of football.
The New Saints withdrew the reserve side from the Spar Mid Wales League this season, ahead of being forced to quit the competition next season.

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