Saturday, January 28, 2012
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Not-so-happy anniversary for Saints' boss

THE New Saints boss Craig Harrison has put down his urge for success to an injury that ended his playing career.

Harrison badly broke his leg with Crystal Palace 10 years ago and never kicked a ball again professionally.
"I can't deny there were some dark times, having your boyhood dream taken away from you, but it's made me the man I am," he told BBC Radio Shropshire.
"Now I'm adamant I will put all that right by being the best and most successful manager I can be."
Harrison recently took over from the departed Mike Davies, ready to lead the Saints into the second phase of their Welsh Premier campaign after the January winter break.
TNS are currently second in the table to Bangor, but are targetting the title and qualification for next season's Champions League.
It's practically 10 years to the day when Harrison broke his leg - an anniversary he is not going to celebrate.
But having said that," he added, "it was a life-changing moment - even if I didn't realise it at the time.
"The stress of it ended the relationship I was in, I moved back to the North East, and it's down to the support of my family that I got through it.
"If all that hadn't happened, I wouldn't have got into coaching and - where I am now - into management."

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