Saturday, April 17, 2010
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Town fans should put up or shut up

SAINTS' managing director Mike Harris has challenged fans of former Oswestry Town to "put up or shut up".

He says that if anyone wants to take on the Oswestry Town mantel, he will licence the club to name to them and allow them to operate in the English system out of Park Hall.
If fans want to change the name of The New Saints to Oswestry Town, Harris adds, all they have to do is attend fixtures regularly and then take part in a vote of all supporters.
"It is the fans who come through the turnstiles that I listen to," he says, after recent letters from ex-Town supporters appeared in the local press.
He added that, following the merger with the Blues, the club had already taken account of Oswestry's proud history by including the name in the club's official registered title and by using the blue and white colours in the Saints' change strip.

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