Friday, July 30, 2010
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Boh's defeat brings pot of gold

SAINTS' chief Mike Harris says reaching the third-qualifying round of the Champions League for the first time is worth a "pot of gold" in football as well as financial terms.

"I haven't quite worked out how much income it will bring, but in terms of football, it's worth a pot of gold," he said.
"What we've managed to do is demonstrate on an international stage that our league is worth every bit of work that every chairman in our league has strived to go forward.
"I've been a big advocator of Welsh football for many years.
"The league, especially in the last two to three seasons has come on leaps and bounds from where I thought we set a very, very high standard in 2005/6.
"You can see why players like Lee Trundle are coming to our league as opposed to going to lower league English teams."
If the Saints were to beat Anderlecht over two legs, they would go into the final qualifying stage and the winners from that would reach the multi-million pound group stage featuring the top clubs from countries including England, Spain, Italy, Germany and France.
But should they be beaten by Anderlecht, they will drop into the Europa League qualifying rounds.
"If you get to either the knockout rounds or into the Champions League, it far dwarfs any income that any team will get whether they play in England or they play in Wales," Harris added.
"There's four more ties of football for us to compete with. Let's hope it's Champions League football."
Last night's success raised the Saints' Uefa coefficient to 2.233, which brings them closer to being seeded in future Euro draws.
It has also guaranteed a minimum income from Uefa of nearly half a million Euros, with more in the pipeline depending on results.
Photo: Saints celebrate after the final whistle.

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