Wednesday, December 22, 2010
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Academy update w/c 6 December

Many thanks for everyone’s understanding in the cancelling/postponing of plans at this time of challenging weather. We were fortunate to have had a match for the U16’s rescheduled and we managed to have them play a very talented Touring side from New Zealand+Mexico on Sunday. Thanks to players and parents alike for getting this game on at short notice.
Unfortunately the pitch has now re-frozen solid! and the games on Thursday have been postponed likely until New Year for the U14+16 v Buckley.
A decision on Saturday+Sunday’s games for 8,9+10 v Crewe and 12+13 v Airbus, will be made asap, as there are better temperatures forecast for late Thursday and Friday. And players will be informed by their coach of the match details.

We are very hopeful that this weekend’s games for 8,9+10 on Saturday V Crewe 11am KO.
And 12+13 V Airbus on Sunday 10.30am+12 noon KO’S respectively, will now go ahead.
Please report to your coach 45m prior to ko at home in green please.

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