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FIFA has unveiled plans to limit the number of clubs in domestic leagues to 16.
The move comes in response to football organisers wanting to limit the number of matches played by top professionals.
President Sepp Blatter said the recent death of Marc Vivien-Foe (pictured) had highlighted the risk of over-working footballers.
The 28-year-old midfielder, who had a successful season on loan at Maine Road last season, collapsed during Cameroon’s Confederations Cup match with Columbia at the end of June.
"The ideal number of clubs in a top division is 16, giving 30 league matches a season," said Blatter.
"We are always being told the players are playing too many matches, but this would not be the case if matches were reduced."
Although the Welsh Premier will operate with 17 clubs next season, the Football Association of Wales has made it clear that it would like to see the league reduced to 14 clubs.
It seems that Fifa may go part way to bringing a reduction about.
9 July 2021