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Rhyl's Lilywhite emblem
RHYL FC are asking fans whether they want to keep their current nickname of The Lilywhites.
An online poll on the club's website is asking fans to vote on three alternatives as well as the existing names - The Skull and Crossbones, The Pirates and The Seasiders.
Traditionalists have pointed out the first football club founded in Rhyl by the town's youth in the 1870s was known as Skull and Crossbones.
The idea of that as a possible new nickname resulted from a special club badge being produced bearing the Skull and Crossbones emblem.
So far it would appear fans want to stick with the club's current nickname The Lilywhites.
Some 44% have voted for no change, 26% for Skull and Crossbones, 10% for The Pirates and only 5% for the Seasiders.
One per cent have suggested a completely new nickname for the club.
The poll runs until August 4.
10 July 2021