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Mike Harris is fuming as the FAW dithersTNS boss Mike Harris says he is fuming at the Football Association of Wales, as he seeks key assurances to finalise the Saints/Oswestry merger plan.
Although the merger has received the backing of both the FAW and the Oswestry club's shareholders, the final details have still to be wrapped up.
Key factor is an assurance from the FAW that a merged club would be the Association's nominated representative in European competition - if it were playing from a new stadium in Oswestry.
TNS have been told that the FAW has voted in favour of this concept. But a letter from FAW secretary general, David Collins, has failed to give Saints and Oswestry officials the assurances they seek.
It says “We believe that TNS would be able to plays its European matches on a ground in Oswestry, if the FAW nominated TNS as the representative of Wales.”
Since writing the letter, Collins has gone on two weeks' holiday.
TNS are set to unveil new playing strips at the season's first pre-season friendly tomorrow (Saturday) and are keen to progress other elements of marketing the 'new' club.

Harris - extremely angry
Harris says that, whilst the assurance from the FAW is not fundamental to his own support of the merger, it is certainly worrying for Oswestry Town, as the new stadium planned in Oswestry is a major factor in their acceptance of the plan.
"It is typical of the ambiguity emanating from the FAW," says Harris, "and I am extremely angry.
"All we are asking for is a straight 'Yes' or 'No' and, in the current circumstances, a 'No' would almost be better than what we have been told.
"At least we would all know where we stand."
Oswestry Town have yet to resign from the League and are unlikely to do so until they are happy with the FAW's stance.
In the meantime, despite clarification of Welshpool Town's position, it looks as though publication of next season's Welsh Premier fixtures could be delayed even longer unless the FAW comes off the fence.

11 July 2021
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