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The FAW has promised to press the exiles' case with Uefa as Cardiff commit to next season's FAW Premier Cup
[Keith Williams/Sportpixs]
SAM Hammam has revealed what caused his u-turn on the Bluebirds' participation in the FAW Premier Cup, which threatened to start a civil war in Welsh domestic football.
The Cardiff City owner says he was given a furious dressing down over his plans by FAW secretary-general David Collins.
"I met Mr Collins and after the story in the South Wales Echo he battered me black and blue," Hammam told the Echo's Mark Bloom.
And he conceded that Collins' fury had tipped the scales in forcing him to commit City to playing in the Premier Cup next season.
But Hammam insisted that his back-track is only a temporary one and he stressed there would be no long-lasting rift between the Ninian Park club and the FAW.
"Cardiff City Football Club and the FAW are always speaking to each other," he said.
"In fact we speak to each other on almost a daily basis.
"I can say now that we WILL take up our place in next season's FAW Premier Cup.
"But I can also say that it will be for one season only."
This is the second season running that Hammam has threatened to snub the prestige, BBC-sponsored competition that is a financial lifeline to many Welsh Premier clubs and sparks furious competition for a top eight league position.
Earlier this year he dubbed it a "Minnie Mouse" competition and on Tuesday said Cardiff would never play in any Welsh cup that did not offer a route into Europe.
Now, it seems that Collins has managed to placate Hammam by promising to leave no stone unturned in securing a prized route to continental competition one way or another.
"All our brothers in Wales should have the right to play in Europe," said Hammam.
"And after talks with Mr Collins, it seems that they have run out of time on this occasion.
"So we will be in this competition for one more year.
"But I am also extremely confident that Wales will get a place for all clubs in European competition very soon."
17 June 2021
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