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CONFUSION and controversy still surrounds the sale of 10 tickets for Saints' 'home' Uefa Cup tie with Manchester City on 28 August
Although it was announced that adult tickets for the lower tier were available for 10, fans buying tickets from the Millennium Stadium have to meet one important criterion - they must take a child or a senior citizen with them.
Supporters trying to order from the Stadium's online ticket service find that sales of 10 tickets are blocked, unless they order 5 concession tickets at the same time.
Meanwhile, the situation is inconsistent, as 10 adult tickets have been freely available on the Ticketmaster website.
Many fans have e-mailed this site to voice their concerns.
James Moore from Cardiff, says: "When TNS drew Man City, we felt a 10 starting price for adults was fair. However, at the Cardiff ticket office we were told that the minimum price for just adults is 20, rising to 25 nearer to the game!
"We are not prepared to pay this price, and the game will have seven less spectators come the day."

Mr Moore continues: "If tickets can be sold at an adult price of 10, why should adults without children be discriminated against, and forced to pay either 20 or 25?"
According to club director, Richard Hann, the lower tier has always been a family enclosure and is entirely consistent with the way the FAW markets Wales' international matches.
"A family of four can watch the game in Cardiff for 30, at Manchester the same family will have to pay 40," he says.
"Whilst deciding to take the family route we tried to accommodate adult fans by allocating them the best seats in the house on the middle tier.
"I am genuinely sorry that some fans consider 20 to be too high a price to pay. However, as Mr Moore acknowledges, this is a rare chance to see an English Premiership team play a Welsh Premier side in European competition."
On Thursday morning, Richard Hann said that Ticketmaster should not have made unaccompanied 10 tickets available and will be told to cease selling them by the Millennium Stadium authorities.
However, as of five o'clock today, it was still possible to order any quantity of 10 tickets on their site (see picture).
"It is not our intention to discriminate against anyone. We simply feel that in the absence of club membership schemes and droves of season ticket holders this ticketing policy represents the right way to market the game," he added.

'Away leg tickets on the way'
Tickets for the away leg in Manchester should become available later this week. The delay has been caused by the fact that the hi-tech tickets have to be 'chipped' before issue.

17 July 2021
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