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Paul Gascoigne
Paul Gascoigne has told the Daily Telegraph he turned down an offer from Rhyl.
PAUL Gascoigne says he has turned down an offer to play for Rhyl.
In an interview with the Daily Telegraph about his recently published autobiography, the former England player says his football dream now is to become a coach "after turning down an offer from Rhyl FC to play there".
Gascoigne said: "The guy offered £250. That wouldn't get me there in petrol. Quite embarrassing.
"But a couple of years ago, I might have signed that contract, that's how bad I was with the drink. Now, I just laughed."
Gascoigne says he is now considering offers to appear on ITV's 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!' and in 'Gladiators' with his old adversary Vinnie Jones, plus a few advertisements.
"A helluva lot of work," he says.
At the moment, he has no home and lives in friend and agent Jimmy Gardiner's spare room. He spends his evenings going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings or studying the books he needs to master in order to sit his coaching exams.
By his own estimation, Gascoigne earned about £20 million at the peak of his career and is now left with £2 million; the signing on fee that he got from Lazio and squirreled away in a bank account.
Gascoigne reveals that in early 2003, alone in a hotel room in China, he drank three bottles of whisky.
"He had been drinking three bottles a day almost since he arrived in the province to play for Chinese team Gansu Tianma," says the Telegraph.
Rhyl had hoped to sign the 37-year old midfielder for their Uefa Champions League campaign and the coming Welsh Premier season.
23 June 2021
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