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An academy cash row at The Oval could endanger Caernarfon Town's Welsh Premier status
CAERNARFON Town have been thrown into turmoil by a financial row that could cost the club its Welsh Premier place.
Academy administrator Howard Jenkins has confirmed persistent rumours that the youth set-up at The Oval has been starved of cash for several months.
Club chairman George Denham has refused to hand over a 3,000 grant from the FAW, which has placed the future of the Academy in jeopardy.
And according to Uefa rules, clubs must operate an academy to maintain a place in their national league.
"We are in limbo right now because we have no funds for the new season in August," Jenkins told the Non-League Paper.
"We have had meetings galore with Caernarfon's board which is refusing to hand over the money.
"We have been asked by the club to give our books to their accountant. But the Football Association of Wales has already audited the Academy twice, the last time only in March."
Jenkins says that the relevant people at the FAW have been informed and he is expecting an investigation.
"The problem here is that chairman George Denham doesn't think anyone other than the club's manager and players should be paid.
"But what he can't grasp is that the Academy doesn't cost Caernarfon Town any money. It's all done with grants and nothing is paid out by the club.
"We start the new season in August and we must have funds to help us."
Although Jenkins remains with Caernarfon's youth set-up - voted FAW Academy of the Year in 2002 - he recently severed all ties with the club.
On the club's official website, he wrote: "Due to the continuing lack of respect shown by the current chairman, the board of directors and the Friends of Caernarfon towards the players, parents, Academy volunteers and anybody other than the first team, I have decided to sever any lasting ties with Caernarfon Town Football Club."
Canaries' chairman Denham confirmed the club had received the Academy cash from the FAW: "But the Academy is not getting it until I have seen its books," he said.
"I have asked them for their books, but they haven't handed them over yet."
There has been no official word from the FAW or league headquarters, but if the Canaries start the season without an academy they could be in serious trouble with the league and even their status as a Welsh Premier club could be on the line.
Reserve team manager Dylan Pritchard has also resigned, leaving doubts over the club's ability to field a second string in the coming season.
4 July 2021
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