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Park Hall is currently used for TNS reserves, youth and ladies football
PROCEEDS from the sale of Park Hall Stadium to TNS will not be used to kick start Saints' proposed new stadium in Oswestry.
Instead, the £25,000 raised from the sale will be allocated for youth sporting activities in the town.
Oswestry Town Council bought Park Hall from Shropshire County Council for £8,500 in 1998, for use by Oswestry Town FC, the local athletics club and schools.
But following the merger of Oswestry with TNS and cuts in school transport budgets, the stadium was sold following an audit under the Council's best value process.
Councillors last week decided to ring-fence the proceeds from the sale for sporting and youth facilities in the town.
TNS hopes to move to the proposed 3,000-seat Oswald Park Stadium within three years and Cllr Betty Gull said the project would be a perfect home for the cash.
“It will only come to fruition if other people and other organisations throw their weight behind it," she said.
Cllr Steve Bourne said he had reservations about using the money for a big project such as Oswald Park, which might never come to fruition.
"There is no specific project in mind. I would rather see something small that is tangible," he said.
Town Clerk David Preston said the sale of Park Hall to TNS was almost completed and the agreement would contain a clause to enable the Olympians athletic club and schools to continue to use the stadium.
"TNS has a very proactive business plan for the stadium and its use for the club and wider community," he added.
7 July 2021
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