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FAW secretary-general David Collins is facing a possible vote of no confidence over his handling of the Andy Moran drugs issue.
Some FAW councillors are reported to be furious that they were kept in the dark for more than four months after Moran's positive test was made known to Collins - with the FAW all the while crusading to get Russia turfed out of Euro 2004 over the Yegor Titov drug controversy.
Now a special meeting is being mooted ahead of the planned meeting of the full FAW council on 31 August 31 - and it is understood a vote of no confidence could be on the agenda.
"I find it unbelievable that the FAW council found out about this case through the media," said a council member today.
"I'm sure that if they held a vote of no confidence Mr Collins' position would be untenable."
28 July 2021
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