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Anthony Wright
Anthony Wright scored Saints' first ever European goal
FORMER Saints' striker Anthony Wright was the victim of a shooting in Liverpool on Tuesday night.
Police say Wright is "lucky to be alive" with wounds in the chest, stomach and leg after being shot three times by a masked man through the passenger window of his car.
He had just pulled into the driveway of his home in Kirkdale after returning from Farrar Road, where he played for his new club Vauxhall Motors against Bangor City.
His injuries are said to be serious but not life threatening.
Bagger, whose brother Michael is facing an attempted murder charge, came to Treflan from Droylsden in season 1999/2000 and is best remembered for scoring the Saints' first ever European goal against Levadia Maardu in the Champions League.
He also scored the vital goal at the Wierglodd which gave TNS a 1-0 win at Rhayader in the final game of the 1999/2000 championship winning season.
Anthony made a total of 40 appearances and scored 18 goals before spending a season at Aberystwyth, where he returned briefly last season after a spell with Hyde United.
28 July 2021
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