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TNS boss Mike Harris and other members of the Welsh Premier League's board of directors are hopping mad over the Moran affair.
Harris has added his weight behind those having no confidence in FAW secretary general David Collins.
Also a director on the Welsh Premier board, Harris knew nothing of the Andy Moran drug case after the Rhyl player was found to have 55 times the amount the limit of performance-enhacing Nandrolone in his body.
He is furious at FAW's keeping the board in the dark and said: "Who's running the FAW? Is it Mr Collins or the FAW council?
"I feel that Mr Collins should have a duty of care to tell league secretary John Deakin what was going on with Moran.
"Then Mr Deakin in return should have had the duty of care to tell the League's board of directors."
Harris says that if the Moran issue had then been leaked to the press then that would have been another matter and would been dealt with accordingly, but to keep senior people in the dark is 'not on'.
"Mr Collins had a duty of care to tell Mr Deakin, who had a duty of care to tell the league's directors - I'm absolutely flabbergasted at the whole thing.
"This is a serious issue and should have been dealt that way.
"But to keep the directors and senior FAW councillors in dark is beyond me - who is working for who here?"
FAW secretary general Collins is already under fire from members of the 28-man ruling Council, most of whom found out about Moran when the issue was made public on Tuesday.
But Collins claims he acted correctly within the FAW's guidelines.
30 July 2021
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