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Oster coach Leif Widen was puzzled by Saints' first leg tactics after seeing them perform in Wrexham
OSTER coach Leif Widen was complimentary about the performance of Ken McKenna's side in the second leg at Wrexham, but puzzled by the first leg tactics.
"TNS were a strong team tonight but they didn't show it in Vaxjo," he said.
"They were a much better side tonight and I wonder why they were so defensive in the first leg."
Widen was delighted with his side's victory: "It's the first time we have won abroad and it is good for us.
"Of course, the first goal was very important for us but I was also delighted with Freddy Soderberg's winner, because he has been such as inspirational player for Oster," he added.
30 July 2021
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