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FORMER Barry boss Colin Addison says the Andy Moran drug scandal has tainted the Welsh Premier's reputation.
And the veteran football manager urged league chiefs to impose more random tests on the semi-pro players to root out any drug cheats.
Addison, who parted company with the Jenner Park outfit this week after six months in charge said: "The whole affair has sadly tainted the reputation of the league, let's be fair about it.
"Thankfully it seems to be just a one-off as we're not getting a case every week. But I'm sure the league and the Football Association of Wales will now be looking at more ways to clamp down and I think more random drug tests will be a good idea."
Moran claims he tested positive for Nandrolone because he drank a contaiminated milk shake, but Addison told the Wales of Sunday newspaper: "He should have known what he was taking. Maybe semi-pro players need more advice if they're thinking of taking certain supplements or stimulants and the medical staff at clubs perhaps need to be better educated.
"But players should know what they're taking. I mean, they're grown-ups, mature adults and not kids. They know what they can or can't take.
"Drugs is a no-go area and I'd hope that no one takes things intentionally. But if someone is caught, then, I'm sorry, they deserve the punishment.
"There was only one route the Welsh FA could take - and they took it. They had to. I hope the lad's punishment sends out a clear message to every other player who might be toying with the idea of trying illegal substances.
"And I certainly hope the number of players who are thinking of that course of action is minimal. Taking some supplements is a big, big risk but drugs are so accessible now and they might be tempting. "
Addison admitted: "The drugs thing has detracted from Rhyl's achievements, let's be fair.
"The lad scored a lot of goals and some might say, 'no wonder', if he was on drugs. It has taken the edge off it and that's sad for the club as well as the player."
8 August 2021
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