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Ollie Hides says Rhyl took an unfair advantage last season through Moran's doping
THE Andy Moran case was among the saddest episodes in the short history of the Welsh Premier, according to BBC pundit Ollie Hides.
"The Welsh Premier must be growing up, like a fourteen year old with a cigarette, and the league can hold its head up now with the big boys at the back of the bus," writes Hides in his first league preview of the new season.
"A competition that once stood for everything that is right about the game and largely eschewed the cynicism and financial vulgarity of football at higher levels, has been tainted.
"And the extraordinary achievements of Rhyl last season have been brought into considerable question," he adds.
"Both club and player claim he imbibed enough nandrolone to put him 55 times over the limit in a milkshake.
"That may well be the case, but the fact is that whether Moran took the drug intentionally or not he, and his team, had an unfair advantage for at least part of last season and as a result their triumphs cannot be considered equally with those of Barry Town in previous seasons.
"So the first hope for the new season is that whoever wins the league does so cleanly."
12 August 2021
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