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FAW councillor Phil Woosnam has joined Welsh Premier secretary John Deakin in allaying fears of a pending TV blackout this season.
Changes in TV rights for Welsh football have seen the domestic league sold to satellite broadcasters Sky in a deal that will be worth at least £7.5 million.
The FAW has been criticised following a complete lack of broadcast coverage for the opening day of the league season.
However, Woosnam said: "As far as I am aware Sky are interested in selling on the rights to the Welsh Premier for S4C to make a weekly magazine programme.
"Obviously this would be a huge boost to the league and to be honest any kind of coverage has to be better than past efforts of the BBC and terrestrial TV.
"There is a full council meeting at the end of the month but as far as I'm aware BBC hold the radio rights."
Welsh Premier secretary John Deakin stressed he had not been involved in the drawing up or agreement of contracts for the coverage of Welsh Premier football.
"My conversations with Sky makes me positive about the possibility of increased coverage," he said.
"There will be a half hour weekly slot on S4C and hopefully an improved service on Sky Sports News so we are confident the league will enjoy a better deal."
It was reported earlier this week that the radio contract had still not been signed by FAW secretary-general David Collins, despite having been approved by Council in June.
20 August 2021
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