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BANGOR City have received outline planning approval for their new stadium at Nantporth.
After 80 years at Farrar Road (above) the club wants to move to a modern ground in a bid to ensure its future.
But the proposals for a site beside Bangor University's George Building, off Holyhead Road, have met with stiff opposition from planning officers, local residents and Friends of the Earth.
However, Gwynedd Council's Arfon Area Planning Committee yesterday voted in favour of the plan, with only two against.
The brand new stadium overlooking the Menai Straits would include an 800-seat stand.
Bangor City FC chairman Ken Jones said: "We have been at Farrar Road since the 1920s but in the last 20 or 30 years there has been no money spent on the ground.
"While the pitch is excellent, the facilities such as the toilets, the stands, and safety and fire precautions have been ignored.
"In that time football facilities and UEFA standards have got better and better, but ours have not.
"We are in a situation where unless we move we will not be able to play European football or League of Wales football in Bangor.
"For the whole county, and for all of North Wales, this is an important move. The whole city is crying out for development and for the club this is an obvious move.
"If we miss out on this opportunity now, when will we do it? There has been a lot of talk for years about this.
"But this is the first time we have come this far, to the planning stages.
"It has been my dream to get Bangor City to the new stadium and I hope we get the support we need to do it."
Coun Eddie Dogan, who played for Bangor City in the 1950s, called on fellow councillors to back the proposals, despite a recommendation by the planning officer to refuse planning permission.
He said: "The facilities at Farrar Road are very poor and the stands are in a bad state.
"We have represented Wales in Europe year after year and we have never disgraced Wales.
"We have been good ambassadors for Wales and are always received well when we go abroad.
"But the ground is no longer up to scratch. And if we are to continue to represent Wales we need this move to go ahead.
"The time has come to look to the future, not just for the club, but for the area. With the facilities these plans offer this will be of benefit to the whole community."
30 July 2021