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League secretary John Deakin has thus far been unable to heal the rift at The Oval.
WELSH Premier League secretary John Deakin has so far been unable to pour oil on troubled waters at Caernarfon Town, where the club is embroiled in a bitter feud with its former youth academy and officials.
The row erupted after a £3,000 Academy grant from the FAW Trust was withheld by club chairman George Denham.
Deakin hoped that a personal visit to sort out the problem would result in a resolution before a deadline of the end of August.
But officials of the youth structure have now formed a new 'Caernarfon Town' academy which has no connection with the club and parents and players from the old set-up have supported it enthusiastically.
The league secretary is now urging them to reach a settlement before the fall-out affects the Premier side's status.
"It's an exaggeration at this time to say Caernarfon's Premier status is under threat," said Deakin.
"I tried to act as arbiter and certain agreements were made at a meeting.
"Caernarfon must take steps to ensure they have a youth development programme, and any approved academy has to be based on the local authority or Welsh Premier league club."
The new club licence scheme includes regulations governing academies but thus far, only five Welsh Premier clubs have qualified.
"It will be a requirement in the future for all Welsh Premier Clubs to hold a licence and an integral part of that will be a youth development programme," added Deakin.
"Regarding this saga, we are still trying to get the academy to produce accounts for the club's auditor.
"And Caernarfon are holding the money on behalf of the club.
"Despite several reminders from me that doesn't appear to have been done and I'm rather concerned about it."
14 September 2021
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