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CONTROVERSIAL John Fashanu has stepped down as chairman of Barry Town, the current Welsh Premier champions.
The former Wimbledon and Aston Villa striker has been threatening to leave the club, following an ongoing dispute with Vale of Glamorgan Council over the cost of renting Jenner Park.
He says his other commitments prevent him from finding enough time to do the job properly.
"Stepping down as chairman of the club is only a temporary measure for the next six months or so," Fashanu told the South Wales Echo.
"It's been a hard decision, but I will keep in close contact with them.
"I'm exhausted with the work I have at the moment, and something has to give. I simply cannot be in two places at the same time.
"I must stress this is only a temporary thing, and once everything is sorted out and things start getting back to normal, I will be able to concentrate totally on Barry Town."
Fashanu took over at Barry in January and immediately tasted success on the pitch as the team completed an unprecedented triple double of league and cup success.
However, the club's finances appear to have been precarious for some time, with reports of players not being paid.
Several have recently quit the club after being offered reduced playing terms for next season, including former skippers Gary Lloyd and Jon French.
Fashanu said recently: "I'm very disillusioned and fed up with the whole thing and I'm contemplating pulling out.
"If that happens, Barry will go out of business in two weeks."
Fashanu also claimed that his consortium had invested in excess of 250,000 of their own money into the club, with the ultimate aim of making Barry self-sufficient.
Last Sunday's News of the World published allegations that he had been caught red handed accepting bribes to fix football matches - strongly denied by Fashanu.
But Fashanu said his decision had nothing to do with the recent allegations. "That is in the hands of the police."
Among Fashanu's plans was the broadcasting of Barry's games in the Welsh Premier live across Africa, and the recruitment of some of Nigeria's most talented footballers to the club.
So far, he has failed to fulfil these ambitions.
Barry Town chief executive Kevin Green thanked Fashanu for his work at the club.
"Without John's hard work and influence we would not have won the Welsh Premier and Welsh Cup double last season, something which all fans will remember," said Green.
Dr Richard Stott has taken the role of acting chairman for the time being.
Lancashire-born Stott has been a local GP for 20 years and is Barry's club doctor.
1 August 2021