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John Fashanu
JOHN Fashanu's 202-day reign as 'chairman' of Barry Town has ended in controversy and left some officials and fans of the club breathing a sigh of relief.
Citing 'increased media commitments', Fash stepped down from the post on Friday but, according to The Non-League Paper, he was never officially chairman at Jenner Park.
When the TV celebrity was unveiled as chairman on 20 December, it was claimed his appointment would be ratified at a subsequent shareholders meeting.
But according to the newspaper, that meeting never took place, leaving Fashanu free to walk out.
"While the former Wimbledon striker brought the Dragons acres of publicity, his departure - temporary or not - will not be universally mourned," writes Terry Daley.
"His reign has been full of controversy, public humiliation and shame for this club," said a source close to the board.
"If anyone can't see that, then perhaps they shouldn't be in the position they hold.
"First he claimed he would organise home games to be televised live in Nigeria, then it was China. The club fell for it hook, line and sinker, but the majority of fans did not.
"Then we had the public humiliation of the players threatening strike action if they were paid late again. Now we have these allegations.
"Whatever the outcome, we're better of without him. This club has been caught up in a football circus for the past three months."
3 August 2021