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Mike Harris is still seeking FAW clarification over its handling of the 'Morangate' affair
TNS are pressing the FA of Wales to explain their handling of the Andy Moran drugs affair.
Saints' boss Mike Harris believes Andy Moran's failed drugs test in March should have been revealed to the Welsh Premier League clubs, but instead he played through to the end of the season.
Despite testing 55 times over the limit for the banned substance Nandrolone at the end of March, he was allowed to carry on playing and scored 10 goals in 10 games, including the 87th minute winner when Rhyl beat TNS at Belle Vue on Easter Sunday.
TNS have asked the FAW for details of dates and meetings surrounding the arrangements for testing of Moran's 'B' sample and the subsequent disciplinary hearing, which was not held until mid-July.
But FAW secretary-general David Collins has refused to be drawn, saying the matter is closed and further enquiries should be directed to the Association's solicitors, Eversheds.
"The FAW and its secretary-general in particular had a duty of care to its clubs and the rest of the Welsh Premier to deal with this matter expeditiously," says TNS director Richard Hann.
"All we are seeking as a club is for the FAW to be transparent about its dealings with Moran.
"We want details of dates and meetings, but so far Mr Collins has not granted this to us," he added.
Eversheds say they have no instructions from Collins to make any statement.
14 October 2021
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