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WELSH Premier clubs have been promised more cash to bring their grounds up to UEFA standards.
The Football Association of Wales has pledged to help sides ensure their grounds are good enough to host Champions League or UEFA Cup games.
The FAW got the ball rolling yesterday by announcing the clubs would receive 160,000 between them to make their floodlights brighter in line with UEFA directives.
The cash boost came as it was confirmed car giant JT Hughes Mitsubishi is to carry on backing the league this season in a deal worth around 250,000.
Asked whether the 16 clubs would be happy with 250,000 split between them, league chairman Iwan Jones said, "Yes, the clubs have agreed and accepted the sponsorship deal.
"No-one has said it was not worth taking and, at the end of the day, it is a substantial increase on last year."
As for the FAW helping clubs improve their grounds, secretary John Deakin said initially three would be targeted - one each in South, Mid and North Wales - to be brought up to UEFA's minimum standards.
And he added, "In addition to grant aid from the FAW, we are looking for financial support through other avenues.
"The level of grants available to clubs in England is far higher than we in Wales are able to command and every effort should be made to correct that."
8 August 2021