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Llanelli chairman Robert Jones is looking further afield in his attempts to sell the club.
LLANELLI chairman Robert Jones has a written offer to buy the club, but has decided to try and put more irons in the fire.
Following talks with last week, local businessman Salvo Giannini has tabled an offer for the club, but Jones wants to assess has engaged a company that specialises in the sale of businesses to try and find other buyers.
However, the move could backfire as Giannini has asked for a decision on his offer early next week and has hinted that it will be withdrawn if negotiations drag on.
Jones told the Llanelli Star: "I've been here seven years and there is no point me going now unless I pass the club on to someone who is going to invest in it.
"It's still not certain that I will go but I am open to offers and, if I get the right offer from football-oriented people, then I will go."
On Wednesday, Giannini said: "I have instructed my solicitors, Steven Donoghue, to issue an offer.
"I see it as a reasonable one and it's my only one.
"If Mr Jones is happy with it then I am prepared to shake on it Monday morning, get in there and start getting the football club back where it belongs.
"I want the challenge of taking over the Reds but Mr Jones is in charge and I respect that.
"If he decides to stay on then there is nothing I can do."
12 November 2021
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