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THE protracted merger between Oswestry Town and neighbours TNS is finally close to completion.
First announced back in June 2003, the merger has happened on the field but the legal details have taken longer to finalise.
Problems over company and accounting law have held up the deal off-field but the final pieces of the jigsaw will be put into place on 13 December 13 when Oswestry's shareholders will vote on a special resolution to change the name of Oswestry Town Football Club Ltd to allow the merger to proceed .
"We're as frustrated as anyone that it's taken so long," said a spokesman for the Oswestry board.
"We're aware that an apparent lack of news has led some supporters to feel the club officials have not been pulling their weight.
"But we can assure everyone that we have been doing our utmost."
Oswestry resigned from the Welsh Premier League at the end of the 2002/3 season in the face of mounting debts, but the sale of the social club and the merger with TNS have allowed those debts to be paid in full.
16 November 2020
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