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TNS are involved in a bitter row with UEFA just 48 hours ahead of the biggest game in the club's history.
Saints have been planning a merger with Oswestry Town since the end of last season with a view to continue playing in European competition over the border in the next two to three years.
Plans for a purpose-built stadium are already in the pipeline and the Football Association of Wales have given their approval - but UEFA have refused to sanction the plan.
TNS are now planning an appeal and director Richard Hann told the Press Association: "We hope they are sympathetic. There is a precedent here. Derry City are located in Northern Ireland yet play in southern Ireland and are allowed to compete in Europe.
"You also wonder what would happen if Cardiff, Swansea and Wrexham, who all play in England, won a trophy.
"If they were to qualify for Europe would they be allowed to play at home as they are all located in Wales? It is a real can of worms.
"It would be a real shame if UEFA did not allow us to play in England.
"We have got the financial backing and the infrastructure and Oswestry have the training facilities. There are good benefits for both clubs.
"We would be looking to move to Oswestry over the next two to three seasons and hopefully to a 3,000-seater purpose-built stadium.
"The ratification that we could play European football in England came through very quickly from the League and the FA of Wales. UEFA, however, have been very slow."
The Welsh Premier League season is due to start on Friday and Oswestry have yet to resign from the league.
Hann said: "It is a very difficult and messy situation and we are trying to push things along."
Oswestry secretary James Bond was naturally disappointed , stressing the club was "Welsh through and through."
He added: "At the moment, we're waiting on the result of appeal. We're keeping our options open."
Town have yet to resign from the league, but have been excused any action this weekend.
12 August 2021