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AFAN Lido chairman Sean McCreesh has backed calls from Port Talbot Town chairman Andrew Edwards for a merger of the steel town rivals.
Last month Edwards, who played for Lido and Ton Pentre, said: "The finances and resources available to some clubs means a league within a league is being created.
"Commercially it's very difficult. Obviously we're in a unique situation with the Lido because we're after the same sponsors, the same supporters and so many other things."
On tonight's Y Clwb Pel-droed, Edwards repeated his merger plans and they were welcomed by McCreesh: "Yes I think it will work because, obviously, for the financial aspect of it to run a side is very costly and it’s getting more and more each year," he told S4C Television.
"We’re both looking for the same sponsors, both looking for the same players and really if we can both get together, it’ll be a good thing for the town."
But McCreesh admitted there would be strong opposition from fans of both clubs.
"The fans are against it. There's a bit of tribalism in this area, one supports the Town and one supports the Lido and if you speak to most of the fans, they’d say 'no'.
"But the same thing happened with the rugby and Wales are going to be better for it and I think Port Talbot as a town will be better for it," he added.
1 January 2021