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BARRY Town have confirmed that they will fulfil their fixture against Aberystwyth Town in the Welsh Premier on Friday, according to the club's website.
Following the departure of a number of squad members over the Summer months, manager Kevin Brown has managed to round up 14 players for the squad for the season's curtain-raiser.
Lee Jarman is suspended and both Nathan Cotterrall and Lawrence Davies out through injury, but the manager is hopeful that Jamie Jenkins and Mark Molloy will agree to play.
Brown has been working furiously to secure more playing staff, but is being hampered by his inability to offer any sort of financial security to potential new recruits.
The Londoner is also being hampered in his quest to sign English players because the transfer deadline closes on 31 August.
At the moment it is still unclear whether the champions will be able to fulfil any fixtures after the game against Aberystwyth.
"Friday will either be the start of a new era or the end of an old one," said Brown, who still hopes that the club's directors can put a rescue package together.
"I don't care what the result is on Friday, I just want us to play well and show everyone what sort of spirit we have," he added.
14 August 2021