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BBC Sport Welsh Premier columnist, Dylan Ebenezer, looks forward to a challenging season in the Welsh Premier and gives his tip for the top.

WHAT on earth is going on in the Welsh Premiership? The season starts this weekend and once again the headlines are all about off-field matters.
The Champions are in complete disarray and there are serious doubts regarding the future of debt-ridden Barry Town.
Oswestry have released all their senior players after agreeing to join forces with TNS, a merger that has finally been approved by Uefa.
And even though Welshpool were relegated they will still be playing in the league after appealing against the decision.
Just another normal season in the Welsh Premier.
The league has been going for over a decade but the hopes and dreams of the early years are fading fast.
The faithful fans insist that the standard of football and facilities are improving every year, but the clubs continue to play on poor pitches in front of small crowds.
The fact that the league's most successful club is in danger of going out of business is a sad reflection on the state of the game.
Barry Town's financial failure and chaotic state of affairs is a warning for everyone.
There will be plenty of clubs ready to take advantage of Barry's problems and it looks likely that there will be a new name on the championship trophy at the end of the season.
TNS look most likely to take over as the top team, but the club's owners seem to be eyeing a future in the English pyramid system.
The idea to link up with Oswestry could have been a first step in the club's plan to ditch the Welsh Premier.
The hope for the league is that the traditional clubs and their loyal supporters can keep the dream alive.
The rivalry between Bangor and Caernarfon keeps it interesting in the north, while Rhyl seem to be getting stronger every year.
Carmarthen and Aberystwyth also attract good crowds in the wild West, while Barry Town fly the flag in the south (joke!).
The biggest boost for the league is the welcome return of Porthmadog.
The club deserve their place at the top of the Welsh pyramid and their enthusiasm should be a breath of fresh air.
As for the eventual champions, my money is on Aberystwyth - a club who have been slowly getting better and have the fan base to rival anyone in the league.
They play Barry Town in the first game of the season on Friday night, with manager Gary Finley having strengthened the squad considerably during the summer.
Mind you my tips usually end in disaster with my betting slips clogging up the drains of Cardiff as we speak - sorry Aber!

14 August 2021