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RHYL managing director Peter Parry has sounded a warning to the rest of the Welsh Premier League by saying: “As far as I am concerned we are still favourites."
After a draw and a defeat at TNS and a home win over Aberystwyth, Parry said: "We were in my mind before the last seven days. We certainly are now.
"Mental strength is not a quality that can be taught. It is a quality that is developed through experiences and against all the odds we experienced winning all last season.
"While other teams will have to play out of their skins to reach the heights we have achieved we know our talent and team spirit are just what is needed to see us through to the finish post."
Despite defeat in the FAW Premier Cup quarter-final at the hands of TNS, Parry is still upbeat.
"We have proved that just by throwing bucketsful of money at a team you canīt guarantee success. We have built up a tremendous spirit at the club both on and off the field and without doubt are the envy of the league.
"We have the best ground, the best supporters, the best management and the best team.
"TNS were very wary of us despite being a full time outfit and while it is disappointing to lose out on a lucrative semi-final place the competition is only about prestige while league points give us another shot at Europe next summer."
2 February 2021