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FORMER Manchester City and Swansea boss, John Bond, says TNS have no right to be playing in European competition.
In an interview with Wales on Sunday, Bond says: "While teams like TNS have holes in their bums, they'll never compete in Europe."
Bond says he was surprised when Manchester City were drawn out of the Uefa Cup 'hat' with a team from Wales he'd never heard of.
"I thought to myself they must be a decent side to have qualified ahead of Swansea, Cardiff and Wrexham," he said.
"But then I heard that the big three clubs in Wales, as I seem them, hadn't even had the chance to qualify. I was astonished and I thought to myself 'how totally backward'.
"I fully appreciate that it's great for Wales, as a nation, to have a national league, but why say only teams playing in their league can play in Europe?
"Why not say TNS have got a chance to qualify, but so too have Swansea, Cardiff and Wrexham."
Bond says it seems sensible to award a European place to the winners of a Cup competition, say, that includes the League clubs, as was always the case.
"It's unbelievably inward thinking," says Bond. "If the FAW think that teams will gradually evolve and develop into sides capable of competing on a European stage, when they come from Welsh villages and are supported by 500 people, I'd say the fellas are living in cloud cuckoo land."
24 August 2021