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BARRY Town's debt is reported to stand at 912,000, as manager Kevin Brown hit out at the consortium who may take over the club's affairs.
Brown is reeling from the news that the five-strong group plans to turn the club part-time in an effort to reduce the wage bill from the current level of 4,000 a week to 1,500.
It led to Barry's players walking out ahead of their planned fixture with Connah's Quay Nomads on Saturday, which had to be postponed.
Brown believes this action was justified because, he claims, both the consortium and staff at Barry have been working to recruit new part-time players while the current full-time squad members are owed considerable sums in wages.
"I think the way we are being treated is disgusting," said Brown.
On Saturday, consortium spokesman Clayton Jones hit back, saying: "Barry Town is a business, which at this moment in time is in an horrendous mess.
"The only way it is going to have any future at all is if we nuke it and start again.
"It's the reality of the situation and I find it hard to believe anyone has thought otherwise."
Brown says that a weekly wage bill of 1,500 will not come anywhere near providing the type of players that have won so much silverware for Barry over the last decade.
"What prompted the walk out was our belief that this consortium was going to tell us about the decision to go part-time on Tuesday, three days before the transfer deadline," added Brown.
"We understand they have been trying to secure eight or nine players on a non-contract basis from the local area, because they thought we would walk out.
"The players now feel that, with the notable exception of club director Dr Liz Davies, we've been let down on the whole.
"The buck stops with the FAW because this club has been in financial chaos for a long time - why have they stood back and allowed this to go on?"
Barry have beeb held up as an example of the Welsh Premier's potential to thrive but, with the Dragons' dream in tatters, a large shadow has been cast over the League's hopes for growth.
Pontypridd-based garage owner Jones says: "We are bringing in a manager and players who will operate within our budget. We might not win things immediately, but we'll have a football club.
"The alternatuve is no Barry Town."
24 August 2021