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BARRY Town's manager and squad were locked out of the club's ground for a fourth consecutive day on Thursday as events at the troubled club took another bizarre twist.
A new consortium is set to take over the Welsh Premier champions after the club was forced into administration with debts of almost 1m.
The perspective owners say they are set to appoint an new managerial team and have signed a new squad of players.
But last season's manager Kenny Brown, who has won successive league titles with Barry, says neither he or the current squad have received official notification that their contracts have been terminated.
Consequently, Brown and the players on full-time contracts are continuing to turn up for work - even though they cannot get into the ground to train.
"We're fulfilling our obligation to come to work," Brown told BBC Sport.
"We're not being able to do that and no-one will speak to us."
The consortium looking to save the cash-strapped club insist it can only survive on a part-time basis.
Spokesman Clayton Jones says new players have been signed on part-time contracts to fulfil Saturday's Welsh Premier fixture at Caernarfon.
But Brown and the players - who say they are owed two and a half months wages - are incensed that they have not been consulted about the latest developments.
"If the way forward for the club is to go part-time, then fair enough," added Brown. "But there's a way of doing that, and this isn't one of them.
"All we are doing is what we think is right and what we've been legally advised is right.
"It's up to the other people to have a look at how they're doing things."
Former captain Jamie Moralee added: "If a new consortium is looking to come in here then the first thing to do is to negotiate with the players before forming a new company.
"I've never known anything like it in 15 years of football."
29 August 2021