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APRIL 14 will be D-day for relegation-threatened Afan Lido, who face losing three points for playing an ineligible player on their 4-0 home Welsh Premier win over fellow-strugglers Airbus UK last month.
It was expected that the Port Talbot-based side would have learned its fate during the week after WP officials pointed out defender Leigh Shrimpton had played for the club while under suspension.
However the twice League Cup winners and UEFA Cup entrants have requested a personal hearing.
"I've received Afan Lido's observations on the subject and the club has asked for a personal hearing," said Welsh Premier secretary John Deakin.
"Afan Lido will now appear before the league's board of directors on 14 April.
"If the club is found guilty, it may receive a three-point deduction or a fine up to a maximum of £300.
"However I must stress the rule states 'may' and not 'will' and I would be seeking to resolve the matter at that meeting."
It is alleged that Shrimpton played under an assumed name for Port Talbot and District Sunday League side Red Lion and received a three-match ban after being sent off.
"We were totally unaware that Leigh had received a suspension," said Lido manager Mark Robinson.
"The player did not tell us of the ban and the authorities had not written to us to advise us of the situation."
Shrimpton was injured for a time and officials must now ascertain whether the Red Lion played three matches while Shrimpton was sidelined or if the ban was still in force when he appeared for Lido against Airbus.
1 April 2021