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ONE year on from Saints' twinning arrangement with Chelsea, no Blues' player has yet appeared in a TNS shirt.
But that may be set to change now that Roman Abramovic has shelled out 100 million to bring new talent to the Stamford Bridge club.
Chelsea have already loaned Carlton Cole to Charlton and others, like midfielder Joe Keenan, reserve skipper Alexis Nicholas and brothers Phil and James Younghusband look set to follow the same route, as the big money signings further limit first team opportunities.
TNS boss Mike Harris says the club would be more than happy to look at taking some of the players, if it increases the quality and standard of our game.
"But I would have thought they would have to come from Chelsea reserves, 16-year olds would not improve our squad," said Harris.
"The players they would normally send to Second or Third Division clubs are the ones we would see as an improvement.
"We went full-time last season and are playing at a reasonable level in the Welsh Premier, so the question is what would we have to do to improve?
"Obviously we would be interested in players who are in their plans for the future."
Manager Ken McKenna admitted: "When the deal with Chelsea was done I thought the idea was that we'd take a few of their players on loan, but so far we've not been offered anything.
"It would be great if it developed in that direction.
"There doesn't seem to be that much activitiy in the Premiership, so a lot of people are looking at loans as an option," he added.
"We're always on the lookout for quality players and if someone like Chelsea did offer us something, on loan of course, we'd have to take them."
1 September 2021