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Barry Town supporters have lost faith in chairman Stuart Lovering
DISILLUSIONED with events at Barry Town, a supporters' group has decided to form a new club, to be known provisionally as Barri Linnets.
After being forced into a voluntary arrangement with creditors in season 2002/3 and taken over by Stuart Lovering, the seven-times champions have lost their Welsh Premier League status and been forced out of their Jenner Park home following a dispute over unpaid rent with the Vale of Glamorgan Council.
The official supporters' club claims that Lovering has prevented them from undertaking fund-raising activities and banned officials from attending matches, which have latterly been played at White Tips Stadium, the home of Treforest FC.
The majority of supporters attending a meeting on Monday night said they would not support a team which did not play in Barry.
A statement issued after the meeting says that "although declaring that he was a barrister when he took over the club, Stuart Lovering had, in fact, been disbarred by the Bar Council in September 2002.
"Despite the protestations of the club secretary that this revelation had no bearing on Lovering’s ability to run the football club, it was clear to all that any lingering trust or confidence that the supporters might have had in him had been destroyed."
The proposed new club will play in the Barry & District League - some six rungs down the ladder - with a long term aim of securing the return of a Barry-based team to the top flight of Welsh soccer.
A steering committee of Tim Johnson, Neil White, Dr Liz Davies, Alan Whelan, and John Hedley Thomas will progress the plans.
Barry Town were known as the Linnets for some time and adopting this sobriquet for the new venture is seen as a return to traditional roots.
18 May 2021