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Evertonian McKenna - thrilled with the draw
MANAGER Ken McKenna was thrilled at being paired with Liverpool, despite being a lifelong Everton fan!
"You couldn't write a story like this - a village team from Wales playing the European champions.
"I would have preferred to get someone a little bit easier so we could still be in when the big clubs like Everton come into the third round!" he joked.
"But, seriously, it's an absolute privilege to be playing a great side like Liverpool and we can't wait to walk out at Anfield."
Saints are scheduled to play the 'home' leg at Wrexham's Racecourse Ground, although the Millennium Stadium may yet be an option, but McKenna said: "If we go to Anfield and Liverpool get a good lead, I'm not sure how many Liverpudlians would want to come to the second leg in Cardiff.
"Wrexham would be easier for Liverpool fans and the neutrals to get to, so that may be a better bet.
"But it's a difficult one because Liverpool have got such a big following all over the country, the game will attract them no matter where we play."
Winger John Lawless was also excited at being drawn against his number one team - he travelled out to Turkey for the final against AC Milan.
24 June 2021