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FORMER Barry star Jamie Moralee has a dim view of Welsh football after his on-off transfer saga to Conference outfit Forest Green.
"I'm relieved to back under the English umbrella, where I'm protected by the PFA. We got no help or support from the Welsh FA and there's no players' association," said Moralee, after finally receiving clearance to play.
The player has been clubless and unpaid since he was sacked by the Dragons on 5 September, four days after the summer transfer window closed.
It has taken three weeks of discussions between the FAW, the FA and FIFA to get the green light for Moralee to play again.
All Barry's redundant players needed special dispensation to switch federations and play for English clubs.
Moralee finally got clearance on Thursday to go straight into Rovers' squad for their game against Scarborough, although he hasn't played since Barry's exit from the Champions League in July.
Says Moralee: "It has been an absolute nightmare.
"After 12 years in the English League I decided to go to Wales and ended up not being paid for three months. Then I couldn't get paid for another three weeks because of all this.
"We've all got bills to pay and it affects your standard of living and your physical, mental and personal life."
21 September 2021