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TNS v Liverpool
Ged Doherty could do little to prevent Djibril Cisse's opener at Wrexham [Phil Blagg]
KEN McKenna fears that Gerard Doherty's outstanding performances against Liverpool could result in the former Republic of Ireland Under-21 'keeper leaving the club.
Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez led the priase saying he was "the best player in both legs, apart from Steven Gerrard!"
Now McKenna fears top clubs will have been alerted to his quality.
"I'd like to keep him, we have had him for a few years, but I fear we may not be able to hang onto him now," said McKenna.
"He was superb, he has learned from his mistakes a couple of years ago against Manchester City and he has been comfortable against Liverpool and has had two fine games against them.
"He saved a penalty, had another fantastic game and has done himself proud. He is only young and has a lot of potential, it is whether anyone sees that and thinks they can improve him."
He added: "I would be amazed now if someone didn't give him the chance to play in the league, he deserves it."
Doherty arrived at Treflan in November 2001 and fighting off the challenge of Dean Williams for the gloves, has made 74 Welsh Premier League appearances.
McKenna said the experience of playing against the European champions had been beneficial for the whole squad.
"There are thousands of lessons, we have been working at a level way above us and the coaching staff have had to work harder than they have ever done in the past.
"We have had to look at every detail and looked at all their quality and tried to stop them. The players have learned a lot and the experience has been great for us all.
"These two games will help us in the league. We have had to raise our game, think and work harder than every before. Physically, mentally, everything.
"After the games we will have learned a lot and if we can take that into our own league we should do well again," he added.
20 July 2021