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THE Welsh Premier League Board has formally adopted an anti-racism charter, which was composed by the Welsh Premier Times and its readers.
In welcoming the adoption of the charter, Welsh Premier secretary John Deakin said, "I'm absolutely delighted that the Board have given their support to this initiative, which is a further step to eradicate racism in Wales.
"I have personally been involved with both Kick it Out and Show Racism the Red Card, who continue to work hard to stamp out racism from football throughout the UK, and while I don't think that we have many incidents in Welsh Football, any occurrence would be one to many."
The charter itself was much commended by the UEFA-backed Kick It Out campaign which co-ordinates the fight against racism in the game.
Spokesman Leon Mann was pleased that the League had taken the document on board having backed it fully during discussion stages.
"The adoption of the anti-racism charter by the Welsh Premier board underlines a clear commitment to keeping the cancer of racism out of the league and the game.
"The list of clear procedures and adhering of the FARE/UEFA 10-point plan will mean every club has good practical measures to put in place and follow to tackle racism.
"We hope other leagues and FAs across the UK and Europe will follow the Welsh Premier League's lead and adopt similar anti-racism charters to ensure racism isn't allowed to blight our game any longer," he said.
29 September 2021