THE Welsh Premier league has not only an obligation but a duty to do its utmost to ensure that racist behaviour will not be tolerated and must actively be combated by member clubs.

· The Welsh Premier is totally committed to the eradication of racism within the realms of its jurisdiction. It clarifies the term “racist” as discrimination on grounds of race, colour, nationality, and ethnic origin. This includes behaviour of both anti-Welsh and anti-English nature.
· The Welsh Premier is fully supportive of any action a member club, or individual thereof, takes in relation to a proven incident of a racist nature.
· The Welsh Premier will support member clubs, players and officials in any proceedings to prove or disprove a reported incident that had been submitted via the stipulated procedure.
· The Welsh Premier will ensure that its member clubs adhere strictly to the guidelines laid down in the FAW Licensing Procedure and any additional requirements laid down by UEFA and FARE (Football Against Racism in Europe) Welsh Premier clubs observe the following commitments:-
· To adhere strictly to the guidelines laid down in the FAW Licensing Manual
· To observe and action the requirements laid down in the UEFA / FARE Ten Point Plan which states:
1. Issue a statement saying the club will not tolerate racism, spelling out the action it will take against those engaged in racist chanting. The statement should be printed in all match programmes and displayed permanently and prominently around the ground.
2. Make public address announcements condemning racist chanting at matches.
3. Make it a condition for season-ticket holders that they do not take part in racist abuse.
4. Take action to prevent the sale of racist literature inside and around the ground.
5. Take disciplinary action against players who engage in racial abuse.
6. Contact other clubs to make sure they understand the club’s policy on racism.
7. Encourage a common strategy between stewards and police for dealing with racist abuse.
8. Remove all racist graffiti from the ground as a matter of urgency.
9. Adopt an equal opportunities' policy in relation to employment and service provision.
10. Work with all other groups and agencies, such as the players union, supporters, schools, voluntary organisations, youth clubs, sponsors, local authorities, local businesses and police, to develop pro-active programmes and make progress to raise awareness of campaigning to eliminate racial abuse and discrimination.
· Will train stewards in the aspects of reporting racist abuse in accordance with the PUBLIC ORDER ACT 1986 and FOOTBALL (Offences & Disorder) ACT 1999
· Will remain vigilant and tackle cases of racial abuse with 100% effort.

Any player heard by a match official using language of a racially abusive nature shall be immediately sent off under Law 12 of the rules of the game. Referees and Assistant Referees on the Welsh Premier list will be instructed to observe this rule with no exceptions.
Reporting: Normal method via Referee’s report
Disciplinary action: Three-match ban
Second offence – banned for the remainder of the season

Any official of a club, or League, reported using racial abuse towards any individual will be charged under FAW Rule 20 covering disorderly behaviour. Reporting: The matter must be brought to Match Officials’ attention, together with the particulars of two witnesses unless a Match Official has witnessed the behaviour. Full details to be included in the Referee’s Match Report.
Disciplinary Action: Sine die ban already authorised under FAW Rule 20.

Any fan reported for racist behaviour will be immediately reported to the Police on duty who will then take the appropriate steps under the Public Order Act. The offender will be banned from all football grounds until the case is proven or disproved.
a) By a player. A player suffering racial abuse must report it to the Match Officials and to his own club officials. If the person using racist abuse is a supporter of the home club, that club must immediately be informed. It is responsibility of the home club to immediately inform the Police on duty so that they may take appropriate action. If the person using racist abuse is a visiting team supporter it is still the responsibility of the home club to inform the Police with the full and mandatory co-operation of the visiting club.
b) By a Steward. A Steward witnessing racist behaviour by a spectator or official must immediately report the incident to the Police on duty and to his own club officials. In the case of a club official being the offender, he must also report it to the Match Officials.
c) By a club. A club wishing to report a racist incident must do so immediately the incident occurs. The opposing club must be informed as well as the Police on duty. A full record of the incident, in liaison with the Police, must be completed when the match has ended and forwarded to the League. Any allegations made after this time, indicating that the proper procedure has NOT been followed, will – at the discretion of the League – be declared void.
Disciplinary Action: The Welsh Premier will insist that the Police Authority pursue the case to the full extent of the law and will expect the clubs involved give every assistance in achieving that aim.
If a club is involved in more than one incident on separate occasions, then the Welsh Premier Board reserves the right to hold an investigation into that club’s efforts to comply with the Commitments listed in this charter.
Clubs will be individually contacted to inform them of the decision and the Board’s expectation that each club will adhere strictly to the Charter.
National Referees Officer Rodger Gifford will be also be informed as will match delegates who act as Referee Assessors.

29 September 2021